Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor Reviews

This monitor provides you the liberty of knowing your baby is unharmed with a private and safe digital wireless indicator of up to 500ft away. Feel free to move about your home and tackle your daily tasks without going out of range. Use the two-way Talk to Baby intercom to tell your baby you are on your way or to ask your partner to come and give you a hand. Jena also provides you strong, spontaneous night vision from up to 15ft from the crib. With additional features such as nursery temperature checking, lullabies, nightlight and expandability up to 4 cameras the Jena baby video monitor system is a parent’s dream come true. Do more knowing your child is safe.
Some features of the Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor are:

  • Jena is distinctive because of the rechargeable batteries. It is the most powerful battery in the market for any device. It provides you with 8 hours of screen mode an 12 hours for peep mode.
  • This device also monitors the temperature of the room. It can be shown on the display screen of device.
  • Children like better a light in their room even when they are asleep. The bedside light on the camera is another feature you can simply access from the parental piece each time you want it.
  • Set your monitor display to sleep mode while there is no noise in the baby’s room. When your baby start making sounds, the screen will make active and you will be able to see and hear exactly what is going on.
  • These monitor approaches with 5 lullabies that can be triggered and altered with your parental piece. You can keep the music going or change with a single button.
  • You can add up to three cameras to this device in order to keep eye on your kid if he has started crawling or moving all around.
  • Built-in night visualization consents the camera to capture an unblemished image of your child, even in complete dimness, from up to 15ft away. The system interactively changes to the level of light. The camera can be positioned everywhere in your child’s room.
  • Parents have affection for this product for numerous reasons. It eases your baby with the two ways talk-back system. Your child will not be worried about your absence in the room with this excellent device.
  • This product provides you clarity of voice with an analog signal system that cannot be intercepted like other monitors. You have outstanding clarity of voice and security from up to 500ft away.

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